Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mutant Hamsters

Play Mutant Hamsters

Here comes the Mutant Hamsters! Now pick up your gun and fight all these inglourious basterds in this funny three dimensional Halloween shooting game!

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Play Tobby the Dreamer

Play Tobby the Dreamer

Tobby has constantly had pretty odd dreams.. In his dreams he goes someplace far away to the Magic Kingdom! There he can have his real dragon! Pick up the objects and inside the end purchase a dragon! Go to sleep faster!

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Great Secrets Nostradamus

Great Secrets Nostradamus Game

Discover the Elixir of Eternal Youth as you join the superb Michel Nostradamus on his journeys and unravel Fantastic Secrets!

Play the game Great Secrets Nostradamus

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Play Plasticine Diver

Plasticine Diver

Make use of your mouse to move various fishies to chop the guy into fish bait!

Play the game Plasticine Diver Game Online

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I am Zombie

I am Zombie Game

Grow the zombie group by simply attacking soldiers and villagers. Don't get pushed off the screen.

Play the game I am Zombie Online

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Escape from Empty Room1

Escape from Empty Room1

Attempt to solve the puzzles and escape from empty room1. Good luck and have fun!

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Play Elegant Girl

Elegant Girl Game

Dress this classy young lady for prom night. Make her look like a little princess at this special party!

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Play Lilith A friend at Hallows Eve

Lilith A friend at Hallows Eve

Join Lilith in the companion journey to Emma's Halloween.

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Elements and Physics Game

Play Elements and Physics

Remove blocks and get the voodoo doll to the exit portal in this physics based online puzzle game.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cooking Dash 3 Thrills and Spills Game

Cooking Dash 3 Thrills and Spills Game

Meet Flo and also the other DinerToons as youthful DinerTeens, working their 1st summer job at Mr Big’s theme park eating places!

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Play SuperMax

SuperMax Game

Supermax is a stealth adventure game with a quite arcadish feel. The protagonist wakes up in a prison cell with no idea how he got there.

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Ghost Hacker

Play Ghost Hacker

Tower Defense game with a twist! Use available memory in order to build defenses, and customize them using specific upgrades.

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Play Rolling Fall

Play Rolling Fall

Cut the chains, release the balls and eliminate all zombies.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MutaStorm Game

MutaStorm Game

Pick up keycards and stay away from laser turrets in this sidescroller action game that switches up game styles.

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Play Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats

Get this Halloween sweetie an amazingly fashionable, unique look to sport on Halloween night, one that will get her a basket filled with sweets!

Have fun with Halloween Treats Game Online

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Ether Space Defence Game

Play Ether Space Defence

Defend your position as you build turrets and make them more powerful.

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Supreme Stunt

Play Supreme Stunt

Do tricks to earn points to advance in this great racing game.

Play the game Supreme Stunt Online

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Pirate Solitaire

Pirate Solitaire Game

Follow a pirate’s treasure map in Pirate Solitaire, a fast-paced and entertaining Card game! Chain together combos in order to unlock treasures!

Have fun with playing Download Pirate Solitaire Online

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Mystery of the Earl Game

Mystery of the Earl Game

Lillian’s fiance, Christian, has been kidnapped by an evil witch! Help Lillian investigate Christian’s castle and rescue her love!

Have fun with playing Mystery of the Earl

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Funny Man

Funny Man Game

In this physics based puzzle game, use the predefined physical objects and attempt to get to the exit flag without falling.

Have fun with playing Funny Man Online

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Download Mystery Legends The Phantom of the Opera

Download Mystery Legends The Phantom of the Opera

You have been invited to the very long abandoned Paris Opera House. Find the phantom and discover the torment of this sad hero!

Have fun with playing Mystery Legends The Phantom of the Opera Game

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Play Fat Piggy

Fat Piggy

Launch your pig out of the cannon and eat enough food to progress.

Have fun with playing Play Fat Piggy

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Twins of Fashion

Twins of Fashion Game

Dressup this pair of attractive looking twins with fashion to make them look much better when they're together.

Have fun with Twins of Fashion Game

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Column of the Maya Game

Column of the Maya

Solve an old mystery and examine Mayan ruins, perilous jungles, and perilous burial chambers in The Column of the Maya!

Play the game Download Column of the Maya Online

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Play After Years in Dark Tunnels

After Years in Dark Tunnels Game

Your spaceship has crash-landed on an alien world, and your crew is missing. Can you find your crew and escape?

Have fun with After Years in Dark Tunnels Online

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Halloween Ball Game

Halloween Ball Game

Halloween puzzle game. Move the ball towards the exit by strategically placing arrows on the board. Grab as many pumpkins on the way for bonus points.

Have fun with playing Play Halloween Ball Online

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Play Distress Signal

Distress Signal Game

Starship Ironside is on a journey of exploration and is suddenly being sabotaged and pushed to crash on a planet on the far side of Triangulum Galaxy. This seems to be a desperate condition, specially when the occupants of the planet are hostile and a mystical person in the ship doesn't even want you to survive. But not for you! For you it's an opportunity to earn yourself a medal! Explore and make it through this 8bit'ish world by powering up the main computer and contacting fleet. Lot's of levels, creatures, secrets (even 1 secret world!), objects, achievements and pixelart await!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Platformation Game


Place limited forms of platforms around the levels to reach the key, and get to the exit .

Have fun with playing Platformation

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Autumn Fashion

Play Autumn Fashion

Make your fashion statement and update your closet to the latest autumn fashion trends getting inspired by this teen girl's classy clothes!

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Halloween Word Dig

Play Halloween Word Dig

It's Halloween night and 4 cheeky spirits have decided to leave the graveyard to go scare the trick-or-treaters. Find the Halloween words to prevent them from reaching the exit! Pick one of three difficulty modes and start digging!

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Play Coaster Racer

Play Coaster Racer

Exhillarating race with sixteen opponents over crazy roller coaster tracks.

Play the game Coaster Racer

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The Monkey King

Play The Monkey King

In this shooting game, you control the monkey king and try to take down the enemies using your mouse.

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Princess Bubble Fun

Princess Bubble Fun Game

The Royal princess wants to get a brand new dress. But she needs to challenge the bubble match. Come on and to play the Princess Bubble Fun game, you'll get lots of fun in it!

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Play Helmet Bombers 2

Play Helmet Bombers 2

Shoot down all of the men. Some are challenging to get, so be inventive!

Play the game Helmet Bombers 2

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Play Yellow Daisy Dress Up

Yellow Daisy Dress Up

Good looking and sweet girls like you always really enjoy new trends which are ruling this world and so is this girl. She is so fond of daisy flower and she always loves to be daisy.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Must Escape the Rooftop Game

Must Escape the Rooftop

You went to the roof to check things out. The door locked behind you. Right now you must escape the rooftop!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Play Marksmanship

Marksmanship Game

You're a retired sniper in the Northern Pole. Penguins are your friends and they help you to keep at the top. You must shot on target or on ice cubes and, you have to know it, it is not easy to shot at icecubes!

Play the game Marksmanship Online

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Play Spacecraft

Play Spacecraft

Build 21 different ships, each with its very own special abilities, from 3 unique races and use 15 different mothership specials in this challenging 3d rendered real time strategy game!

Have fun with Spacecraft

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dog Walker Dress Up Game

Dog Walker Dress Up Game

Taking their dog for a walk is more fun for the pet lovers and your dog Bruno is so lovely and he loves to go on for an evening walk with you.

Have fun with playing Dog Walker Dress Up Game Online

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Al Capone Mahjong Game

Al Capone Mahjong

Superb addictive top quality version of well-known ancient mahjong. Simply click at the identical unlocked objects to delete them. The item is unlocked when its two adjacent sides are opened.

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Play Taxi Driver Challenge

Taxi Driver Challenge

Your objective is to search for passengers and transport them to place where they request you to drive. All destinations and the possible areas of the passengers are flagged on map.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sniper Assassin Final Game

Play Sniper Assassin Final

Ben is dead. Shawn desires payback, however he needs to shoot numerous people first. Read through your objective assignments very carefully; save your lead for people that deserve it.

Have fun with Sniper Assassin Final Game Online

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Imbossible Game

Make your path through the game facing every obstacle the boss prepared for you. From turning the level upside down, to making you jump randomly, every level will represent a new challenge, to make of your journey a insane adventure!!!

Play the game Imbossible Online

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Rolling Drones

Play Rolling Drones

Shrink or increase size of the patterns to make the drone roll into bombs in this neat online puzzle game.

Have fun with Play Rolling Drones

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Play Curse of the Dragon Egg

Play Curse of the Dragon Egg

Find all the differences between the two images to see the storybook of the cursed dragon egg.

Play the game Curse of the Dragon Egg Game Online

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Play New Farmer

New Farmer Game

Take care of your own farm as you plant seeds in various spots, water, and gather the harvested crops.

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Against the Evil

Against the Evil Game

Shoot and destroy all of the zombies in this old school flash defense game.

Have fun with Against the Evil Game

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Farm Wars Game

Play Farm Wars

Defend your farm from the attacking farm animals. Upgrade your guns and also hire help for the defense.

Play the game Play Farm Wars Online

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Cube Me I am a Transformer

Play Cube Me I am a Transformer

The Cube, as you know, is holding the power to create worlds and fill them with life. That is how this race was born...Fight with the bad and destroy the wicked force.

Have fun with playing Play Cube Me I am a Transformer

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Chain Virus

Chain Virus Game

Simply click to shoot a cure and start a chain reaction. Kill at least the level's minimum kill requirement to achieve to the next level.

Participate in Chain Virus Game Online

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